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BTMF - Drugs in Serum UF - Drugs in Urine
QSA - Qualitative Screening Analysis SFD - Driver Fitness Diagnostics
DOAB - Drug Screening in Blood  
BZF - Benzodiazepines in Serum STM - Replacement Drugs in Serum and Urine
TAB - Diagnostics on Brain death TCA - Tricyclic Antidepressants
TDMA - Neuroleptics 1 TDMB - Anticonvulsants
TDMC - Neuroleptics 2 TDMD - Antidepressants
AMF - Alcoholism Markers in Serum BGS- Congener Alcohols in Serum
ETOH - Ethanol in Serum ETG - Ethylglucuronide in Serum and Urine
ETB - Ethanol in Blood  
DHF - Drugs in Hair EGH - Ethylglucuronide in Hair
DMS - Drugscreening in Hair  
ATU - Amanitin in Urine HCY - Homocysteine in Serum